I'm UX UI Designer
Sarath Vigneshvar

I’ve used my creativity and passion for interactive design to turn innovative ideas into outstanding projects. I’ve spent the last year bringing unique concepts to life through dynamic and engaging projects, leveraging my expertise in the world of creative and interactive design. I’ve spent the last year creating unforgettable projects that combine innovative ideas with cutting-edge design, thanks to my keen eye for detail and dedication to excellence. I’ve spent the last year honing my craft of turning ideas into tangible, impactful projects that inspire, engage, and delight audiences.

I’ve spent the last year leveraging the power of creativity and design to transform abstract concepts into concrete, captivating projects that leave a lasting impression.

About Me

I believe in creating meaningful digital products and experiences that everybody can use and enjoy. I hope that it is my responsibility as a designer to care about the individuals for whom I build.


Exploring the world while designing with passion

I believe in designing digital products and meaningful experiences that everybody can use and enjoy.  I hope that it is my role as a designer to actually care about the people for whom I create.I’m confident working on all stages of UX/UI, from Discover Problems & user journey, User Research, Defining Empathy, Persona creation, Ideation workshop, Scope documentation, information architecture, User flow, Sketching Wireframes, UI designing, Prototype and Testing with real people

What I Design

As a UX designer, I create user-centered digital products that address end-user needs and preferences. Creating wireframes, prototypes, and interfaces that provide intuitive and seamless user experiences is part of this. Research and testing inform my designs, ensuring that they are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and efficient.

Website Design

The creation of websites is a vital part of my job. I produce user-friendly, simple-to-navigate designs that are aesthetically pleasing and satisfy the needs of the client. I put a lot of effort into developing user-friendly interfaces and frictionless interactions that improve the user experience and increase engagement.

Application Design

My primary goal is to design user-friendly, aesthetically beautiful, intuitive, and seamless programmes. I do user research, create user personas, develop wireframes and prototypes, and conduct usability testing to ensure that the finished product meets the needs of the target audience.

Dashboard Design

I intended for my dashboard to offer a concise overview of important metrics and data points in a visually beautiful and approachable manner. The most crucial elements should be shown first, and users should be able to simply navigate and get more information as needed. The user experience can also be enhanced by maintaining consistency in layout, typography, and colour scheme.

What Step I Follow Up

As a UX designer, I may use several techniques and frameworks on the project, but one frequent approach is the UX design process, which normally consists of six steps

User Research

Understanding the problem, determining user demands, and obtaining insights through user research methods like as interviews, questionnaires, and observation are all part of this process.


I include assessing the research data, recognising trends, and synthesising the material in order to generate user personas, user journeys, and other related documents.


Consider viable solutions to the user’s demands and goals. I investigate many design concepts, features, and interactions. To validate my ideas, I employ approaches like as sketching, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing.


Build a high-fidelity prototype that replicates the functionality and user experience of the final product. I can make clickable mockups or interactive prototypes.


I have the ability to test the prototype with real people in order to gain feedback and insights on usability, functionality, and overall user experience.


I gather user input and revise and enhance the design. Continue the testing and iteration process until I have a design solution that effectively fits the user’s objectives and goals.

Working Process

Understanding the demands of the user, designing user-centered designs, testing and improving the design based on user input, and interacting with stakeholders and development teams are all part of the job of a UX designer. To produce successful and intuitive user experiences, the process also includes the use of design tools and techniques such as wireframing, prototyping, and user testing.

My Portfolio

Being a UX/UI designer, I can attest that having a solid portfolio is essential for showcasing your abilities and luring in clients or companies. As a UX/UI designer, my portfolio demonstrates my abilities and inventiveness. Create a portfolio of your greatest work that highlights your capacity for problem-solving.